• narayan singh

    For the Governments, its a challenge to feed masses. For that scientists are producing fast breeding crops, recommending use of pesticides, chemical fertilisers, genome crops etc. This is destroying environment.

    While at individual level those who can afford and who have knowledge would go for organic food, grown without chemicals, heirloom kind varieties. these varieties puts no stress on environment and sustains a healthy life. But alas in this case, the production will be reduced and cost of production escalates.

    In my opinion the Governments and individual interests here are in conflict. The choices offered in the article are for wealthy individuals.

    What is your take Katherine?

    May 25, 2012
    • Dear Narayan,
      Thank you so much for reading and commmenting. As usual, you are so thoughtful…You are so right to be concerned. Luckily, eating healthy has been found to be the least expensive way to eat. Take a look at my piece, “Fit and Frugal,” and let me know what you think…
      Warmly, Katherine

      June 29, 2012

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