Why Katherine?

Katherine’s program will guarantee your return to vitality and a fit, trim, youthful appearance. As a result of years of intensive training and experience, Katherine creates enjoyable personal health plans that achieve substantial changes through easy behavior and lifestyle adjustments.

Week by week, you’ll add simple, new steps to your routine that provide you with:

  • A way of eating you’ll love, and will always satisfy your hunger and cravings
  • A joyful lifestyle you’ll want to keep forever
  • A greater sense of well-being, less anxiety and depression,
  • Increased metabolism, so your body burns fat more quickly and efficiently,
  • A heart working more efficiently, decreasing your risk of a heart attack,
  • Lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, lower blood glucose levels,
  • A boosted immune system that cuts your risk of cancer, colds, flu and disease, Stronger bones and stronger muscles,
  • Improved techniques for coping with daily stresses and strains of your busy life.

A licensed and registered dietitian, Katherine has a B.S. in nutrition and an M.A. degree in behavioral sciences, unique qualifications. Her primary goal is to help make any program enjoyable and sustainable, through carefully individualizing each plan while providing the psychological help and support through behavior modification.

Her second M.A. degree is in journalism and public affairs. She is an award-winning freelance journalist in the print media and has been a regular columnist in The Washington Post, Shape Magazine , Vegetarian Times, eDiets.com. She has also written articles in Politico, Eating Well Magazine,The Washington Times, Restaurants and Institutions Magazine, Modern Maturity Magazine , among other publications. She’s reported on food and nutrition as a Washington Correspondent and Producer for the Television Food Network. She is interviewed regularly in the media: ABC’s 20/20, NBC’s Nightly News and the Today Show, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Wolfe Blitzer News Programs, Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show on Comedy Central, Fox News, and National Public Radio programs, such as the Diane Rehm Show, Talk of the Nation and others..

Katherine founded Personalized Nutrition in 1984, a company which designs nutrition, weight loss, and wellness programs for individuals, corporations, and restaurants. She is a past national spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, president of the District of Columbia Metro Area Dietetic Association and for five years was the Chairman of the Board of Nutrition and Dietetics of the District of Columbia.

She has won several awards from her peers: The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics presented her with Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year and the DC chapter of the A.N.D. presented her with the Outstanding Leadership Award, among others. Her love of fine food and achievements in her field have led her to be selected as a member of Les Dames d’Escoffier, a group of distinguished professional women in the field of food and wine.


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