Big Breakfasts Can Rev Up Your Metabolism

by Katherine Tallmadge
The Washington Post

Breakfasts should contain 25 percent — or better yet, one third — of the day’s calories. Many nutritionist believe all three meals should be approximately equal in size.

“People are happy to eat a large breakfast and lose weight,” says Washington, D.C – based nutritionist, Mary Dickie. Eating balanced meals through the day maintains metabolism. It also prevents cravings and bingeing. As most of bingeing or over eating is caused by under eating.

“Most people are not eating enough calories earlier in the day
and they eat too many calories too late in the day”
agrees Steven Farrell, associate director of the Cooper Institute, a medical research center in Dallas. “Skipping breakfast is one of the biggest mistakes people make.”

Because many people need 2,000 or even 3,000 calories a day to maintain their weight, a breakfast that contains a quarter or a third of that total may be hard to envision.

For a few examples of morning meals of various calorie levels:

Sample Menus

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