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Personalized Nutrition Success Stories

Julie and Dave

Written by Katherine Tallmadge – as told by Julie and Dave

It was around the time of their second wedding anniversary that Julie and Dave decided to seek professional nutrition advice. They had gained about 90 pounds between them since the day they started dating three years earlier. They both loved to eat. Together, they began dining out with abandon, traveling and indulging many nights a week in Washington, D.C.-area restaurants.

“We were living in a dream world,” says Julie, a 45-year-old writer who had struggled with her weight before and now found she couldn’t fit into any of the clothes she loved.

For Dave, a 46-year-old lawyer, the consequences were more ominous. He was diagnosed with high cholesterol and triglycerides, and his family background included a father who suffered from a debilitating stroke and a mother whose life was now spent caring for an invalid. This gave Dave a full suite of heart-disease risk factors with his excess weight, his ample waist circumference and his sedentary lifestyle.

Julie was petrified thinking the same fate that had befallen Dave’s parents was on the horizon for them if they didn’t get their act together.
“Seeing his parents and knowing what a terrible strain Dave’s father’s health is for his mother… I don’t want that for my future,” says Julie.

So they called me, after searching on the Internet for a local nutrition professional. While many commercial diets have questionable success rates, getting face-to-face, personalized counseling with a dietitian has a track record of working for many people. During the past 20 years as a weight-loss counselor, I’ve witnessed the joy, surprise and relief of diet-wary (and often weary) clients as they learn that losing weight can be a simple and positive experience.

Over the next several weeks, Julie and Dave initiated simple changes they could live with, but which produced dramatic results over time. They each lost about 30 pounds in the first six months, then continued to lose weight slowly for a year. Between them, they have taken off a total of 90 pounds and kept it off for more than a year.

“I have always cooked,” says Dave, “but now I really enjoy it…”

Julie and Dave are loving life and are thrilled with their progress: “I feel great!,” Julie says. “I feel good inside my skin, comfortable in my clothes and energetic!”

While the thought of losing weight can be a scary proposition for many people, making small easy changes that produce dramatic results over time is a proven approach. As Julie and Dave illustrate, it can be done without sacrificing a love of food or totally abandoning a comfortable lifestyle.

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