Build a Health-Friendly Workplace Now!

  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Increase retention
  • Boost profits.

Studies show that companies and organizations that support a healthy environment increase their opportunities with customers and co-workers exponentially.

    Katherine shares proven and practical techniques to impact workplace wellness and boost your bottom line.

The Art of Balance between Work and Health

In our busy lives it’s becoming harder and harder to find that elusive balance between work and health. In our everyday haste we make choices that are expedient but not always prudent. Katherine Tallmadge shares how to juggle every day work stresses without compromising your health.


Become smarter, have more energy, feel great and more. Katherine Tallmadge shares the best kept secrets in nutrition She provides you with a list of the top foods, why they are good for you and how to get the maximum benefit out of each. The foods most likely to keep you well and prolong your life.

Diet Smart

This presentation, based on Katherine Tallmadge’s highly acclaimed bi-weekly Washington Post “Diet Smart” column, provides you with the latest important scientific discoveries, the hottest trends, fads, facts and myths to help you live smartly and healthfully. Katherine simplifies and provides you with state-of-the-art techniques you can translate into every day solutions. She shares practical ways to achieve the highest energy, health and longevity possible.

Diet Simple: Shed Pounds Without Even Trying

Take off those unwanted pounds once and for all. Katherine Tallmadge provides you with creative, easy to master, fun solutions to finally taking off those unwanted pounds. Katherine shows how anyone can lose weight and keep it off successfully. She covers how to overcome any barriers—psychological, environmental, behavioral—which might be preventing the weight loss success you’d been dreaming of.

The Power of Simple Changes: Breakthrough Diet, Health and Wellness Solutions

Learn to reach your maximum potential through simple tactics that can transform your life. You will walk away with a new understanding and an individualized game plan for action and success.

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