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Personalized Nutrition with Katherine Tallmadge, M.A., R.D.

When I was a kid, my mother was forever on a diet. I can remember her at dinner time carefully placing a pile of green peas on a food scale and frustratingly watching them roll onto the counter top and scatter.

    We kids would constantly hear, “I’m fat! I’ve got to go on a diet and lose weight!”

My mother was (and still is) a beautiful woman, she has an easy personality and has always had lots of friends. She is artistic and has a fun, goofy side. Everyone loves her.

But all she could focus on was how FAT she was. In family photos, she made sure she was out of the picture, or that I and my brother were in front of her, shielding her body.

    The shame and disappointment she felt was something that stayed with me.

My mother’s experience touched me deeply. It is why I feel so passionate about helping people with this problem…

I’ve had my share of eating problems, as well – “Like Mother, Like Daughter.” I’ve been there, and I know what it takes to come back from those depths of despair. I am never judgmental; I accept people as they are; as I am – imperfect!

My goal is to find you a way of eating and living that you will LOVE… A way of eating and living that is satisfying, enjoyable, even FUN – but that will help you achieve your weight and health goals PERMANENTLY… For you AND your family… No sitting in corners eating differently from everyone else in your family!

My clients tell me every day, “This is easier and more enjoyable than I ever imagined!”

This makes me happy; I want to hear that from YOU. They tell me, “I’m never hungry, in fact I enjoy eating more than I ever have before. I can’t believe how much delicious food I am eating, while losing weight.”

Would you like to feel this way? I want you to feel this way!

As a result of years of intensive training and experience – 25+ years, I’ve been working with people like  you  – I will create a personal health plan that achieves substantial changes through easy behavior and lifestyle adjustments.

Week by week, you’ll add simple, new steps to your routine that provide you with:

  • A way of eating you’ll love, and will always satisfy your hunger and cravings,
  • A joyful lifestyle you’ll want to keep forever,
  • A greater sense of well-being, less anxiety and depression,
  • Increased metabolism, so your body burns fat more quickly and efficiently,
  • A heart working more efficiently, decreasing your risk of a heart attack and even cancer,
  • Lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, lower blood glucose levels,
  • A boosted immune system that cuts your risk of cancer, colds, flu and disease,
  • Stronger bones and stronger muscles,
  • Improved techniques for coping with daily stresses and strains of your busy life.

A licensed and registered dietitian, I earned my B.S. in dietetics and nutrition, and an M.A. degree in behavioral sciences, unique qualifications (a second M.A. in Journalism and Public Affairs). My primary goal is to help make any program enjoyable and sustainable, through carefully individualizing each plan while providing the psychological help and support through behavior modification.

Every day, I hear from a client: “I’m happier and feel better than I’ve ever felt in my life!”

If you want to feel that way, call me! Email me! I’m here for you and will help you achieve your goals.

We can work together in person with a home visit or at my office, for:

  • Counseling,
  • Cooking lessons,
  • Grocery store or Farmer’s Market tours,
  • Restaurant meetings for guidance with menus,
  • Mine-sweeping for calorie bombs in your kitchen or office,
  • or by phone, if you’re long-distance or too busy to work in-person…


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