Suggested Interview Questions

  1. Katherine, the title of your book is Diet Simple.┬áBut it doesn’t seem very simple for a lot of people does it?
  2. What is unique about your approach?
  3. Can you give us some examples of your techniques?
  4. What inspired you to become a weight loss consultant and write your new book, Diet Simple?
  5. What qualifies you to write this book?
  6. What is the most common misconception people have about diets and weight loss?
  7. Why is yo-yo dieting so common, and what is the cure?
  8. Why have you and your clients been so successful at taking the weight off and keeping it off long-term?
  9. Talk about your own experience with a weight problem and eating disorder. What was the root of your problem? Have you solved it? How did you overcome your own problem? How have you been able to use your experience to help your clients?
  10. What is “emotional eating”?
  11. Give us some weight-loss tips for busy college kids, frequent travelers, or others you call “disorganized eaters”?
  12. How can the CEO of a successful company or a working single mother with kids find the time to plan, shop, and cook the right kinds of meals required by most weight-loss diets?
  13. What does the latest scientific research have to say about dieting and weight loss?
  14. Aside from looking and feeling better, what are the health reasons for losing weight?
  15. Is it really possible to eat out at your favorite restaurant, enjoy desserts, and still lose weight?
  16. What kind of people seek your help? Can you share some inspiring success stories?

To schedule an interview with Katherine Tallmadge, contact:

Katherine Tallmadge: 202-833-0353

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