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NOW it’s official: You can eat a chocolate sundae every day and still lose weight…

One of my clients, Jennie, almost always snacks in the afternoon. She view these snacks as ‘rewards” for getting through another day of drudgery. Of course, these same snacks contribute to her weight problem.

My advice to her (and I’m pretty proud of it ): Have a chocolate sundae every day.

I know this sounds strange, but here’s why it helps. The chocolate syrup that you pour over ice cream isn’t  exactly lean, but that’s okay because underneath the chocolate – the sundae part – is fresh fruit instead of ice cream. Fruit is a lot better for you than ice cream, and the chocolate provides a slightly sinful incentive to make the  switch seem worthwhile.

Almost any fruit works with chocolate syrup – strawberries, bananas, peaches, take your pick. Apart from the fact that a fruit sundae is deliciously fresh tasting, filling, satisfying,  and low in saturated fat and calories, it makes a great substitute for other snacks that really load on the calories.

THE SUNDAE SOLUTION has been responsible for hundreds of people eating  – and LOVING – more fruit. If you try it, you will too!

BOTTOM LINE: Lose 9 to 35 pounds

A tablespoon of regular chocolate syrup has about 50 calories. Pour it over fruit, and your total is about 110 to 160 calories. Compare that to the usual snacks – a candy bar or protein bar, for example, has about 250 calories, and an ice cream cone has about 500 – and you can see why substituting the fruit sundae can lead to impressive amounts of weight loss. Make the switch every day, and you can count on losing 9 to 35 pounds in a year.

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