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Reviews From Diet Simple fans:

“Dear Katherine, you may not remember me, but I worked with you in the early 2000s to try to get my weight under control — I am 5’8” and had gained to 235 lbs after years of practicing law, not taking care of myself, and never losing the weight I had gained prior to beginning treatment for Hashimoto’s in the late 1990s.  I did lose about 15-20 pounds while working with you, and kept it off, but I allowed the demands of my work to divert me from continuing with you long enough to get down to a healthy weight.  I just read the article, ‘Reversing Diabetes,’ in the latest edition of your e-mail newsletter, and I wanted to share my experience with you and let you know how much having worked with you has helped me over time.

In late 2010, at the age of 60, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes — an A1C of 10.3 and fasting blood sugars in the 290 range (not to mention an LDL of 190).  Dr. M (whom I believe you know and who had sent me to you years earlier), spent a lot of time with me, explaining what I needed to do both to lose weight (I was at 205 lbs) and get my blood sugar under control.  Miraculously, I went out and did it.  Having worked with you and read your book Diet Simple helped and encouraged me enormously.  Although Dr. M initially wanted me put me on medication (he had every reason to assume I would never do what was needed myself or that, even if I did, it would have the necessary results), he gave me the chance to try without medication. 

For the past 6 months, I have been at a normal, healthy weight, and — with the healthy diet and exercise that I have made an indispensable part of my daily life, thanks in large part to your influence — for the past 6 months and more I have had normal A1C’s (5.8 or below), normal fasting blood sugars (in the 70 – 100 range) on a consistent basis, and my LDL is around 100.  I can even eat the occasional sweets (but only when it is worth it, like a reasonably-sized piece of one of my niece’s wonderful Southern cakes) without any negative consequences on my blood sugar.  I don’t think Dr. M would say that my diabetes is “reversed,” because that is not part of the medical protocols (it should be, but it isn’t), but he has been amazed at the results of something as simple as doing what he — and you — told me to do!  I am also fortunate that my natural insulin production does not appear to have been compromised.

Thank you for the wonderful work you do, your influence on me and so many others, and your newsletter.  Keep the good articles coming!”

– With warm regards, Jane

“I lost forty pounds with ‘Diet Simple’ using strategies and recipes which were so easy to incorporate into my daily routine. It’s not a diet, it’s a way of life I can enjoy and share with my family. Through ‘Diet Simple,’ I learned the skills I needed to gain control of my eating habits. Using the different chapters in the book, I figured out the best choices to make in any situation — from cooking for my family (a vegetarian husband, and a son who is a picky eater), to eating out in restaurants, traveling for business, and even while on vacation.  The ‘Metabolism Toolbox’ section helped me figure out what I should be eating to lose weight safely, while keeping my metabolism high. After a lifetime spent following fad diets and fluctuating between 140 and 180 pounds, I’ve finally been able to change my life  — for good with ‘Diet Simple.'”

– Jennifer B., VA

“Katherine, I’d like to thank you for the role you’re playing in restoring health to America.

I met you at Union Station a number of years ago ( 4 to 5 , I would guess ). You blessed me with a taste – or two – of a recipe from your book, Diet Simple:  “Phyllis Frucht’s Black Bean and Mango Salad with Citrus Herb Dressing” .  I had very little “zest” in my life until then.

As a result of your book, I’ve lost about 40 pounds over 4 years , and can run like I haven’t been able to in decades ( I just ran a 5:20 mile , and will be 50 next month ).

Thanks again. Your vitality is a walking advertisement.

– All the best, Chase

“I’ve lost weight and gained it back many times and tried so many diets I can’t count them all. Diet Simple is different; it is so positive, uplifting and motivational! Most people think there must be a level of deprivation connected to weight loss, but this is a different approach. I’m actually losing weight without deprivation. I can’t believe I get to eat so much food!”

– Elaine K. in Washington, D.C.

“Diet Simple works, it truly does. Once in a while one of the tips pop into my mind before I realize it, and I take the right action. Sometimes I don’t but that is all part of being human.”

“When I was at my heaviest I hated the way I looked and never thought I would see a 10 again, let alone be able to zip up my 8 jeans. I just started off with a simple fantasy (I was inspired by “Diet Simple’s Personal Goals Worksheet” and Katherine’s strategies for “Creating a Vision for Success”) – the day we were set to go back to the states on our vacation I stepped on the scale and it read 13X, I pulled pair of 12’s out of my closet and put them on and off we went. I had a year to get to my first goal. I kept trying on my “goal” jeans and would you believe the day we got on the plane for our trip home was the day those jeans zipped up without sucking my tummy into my rib cage. Try imagining yourself buying a smaller size if that is all you can see. Or go wild and imagine running into a ex-boyfriend and have him think ‘Wow she looks as good now as she did back then.’ Don’t tell yourself you will always be dumpy. I truly never thought I would get slim again and I did.”

– Linda in Japan


“Aha! I have been a disorganized, overstressed evening eater! And, almost like magic, just by using a couple Diet Simple strategies for the past few days, I have not experienced ravenous hunger in the evenings. I think that I’d also like to incorporate some of the stress-reduction techniques in Diet Simple.”

– Mary in WA

“I never had a weight issue until college.  I suppose it is a classic story. My metabolism changed and I was dealing with a whole different eating agenda, and – oh, the stress! I gained the freshman 15 and spent years trying to get rid of it.

Ever since then it has been a struggle. I’ve been on a constant weight roller-coaster; I’ve never felt  in control but didn’t quite understand why.  I read diet books and tried diets and they just sent the same old message: if I stop eating I’ll lose weight.  It was so frustrating!

And then I found “Diet Simple” through a friend. I could have used the “Diet Simple” principles so long ago!  I wish I had known about them sooner. I know I wouldn’t have struggled all those years. I was an athlete but I wasn’t eating right, This caused many injuries which  I don’t think I would have had if I had been following this plan.

What’s wonderful about “Diet Simple” is that you can still enjoy eating good food. I have even used some of “Diet Simple’s” principles for my dog!  He suddenly has a waistline and the vet is very pleased with his improved vigor and health.

Now I feel great, terrific.  Better than I ever have!

I’ve given the book to all of my friends, definitely!  I’ve given away at least 20 Diet Simples! Katherine is very inspiring and obviously committed to the concept of health and wanting to help people.”

– Grace S., Washington, D.C.

“Throughout childhood I would put on weight and lose weight a lot but didn’t know why. One classmate made a comment about me being fat… that comment hurt.

A few years ago, my poor eating habits caught up with me, even though I was only in my 30s.  Looking back on it, my poor eating affected me in many ways. When I was training for a marathon I kept falling, and I had other health problems, too. But I had gotten used to feeling badly and injuring myself; it had become routine. My doctor recommended I work with a physical therapist, but it didn’t help…

Until I discovered “Diet Simple.” It is such a positive and motivating approach. It felt right. When I filled out the “Personal Goals Worksheet” I visualized having a swimsuit body in time for the following summer. Well, and I can hardly believe I’m saying this, it happened!

The “Diet Simple” approach taught me many things. For one: the importance of feeding myself. I was eating power bar things before and after exercise, but they really didn’t fill my needs. With “Diet Simple,” I began eating real meals, balanced, and delicious meals which helped me feel satisfied, energetic, and fueled my workouts better.

I also learned that what I thought was a serving, turned out to be six servings! But the “Diet Simple” approach educated me to select the best combination of foods and meals so that I’m never hungry.

When I first started with “Diet Simple,” I just concentrated on changing a few habits and was amazed at the results. Then I started finding other strategies which helped more and more. They’re so easy and painless, it hardly feels like it’s taken any effort at all.

Once I lost the weight (25 pounds) all of those medical problems stopped. My skin cleared up, I fit into my favorite clothes and I actually had to buy new clothes because my “skinny” clothes were too big.  I’ve kept it off and stayed there.

Now I feel great. I’m training for a triathalon.  I don’t have any health problems.  But I also don’t deprive myself of anything.  The “Diet Simple” approach says if I want something, I can eat it, I’ll just be cautious.”

– Kathy H., Washington, D.C.

“Growing up in India, I ate the typical Indian diet. I used to play a lot of soccer and cricket and spent a lot of time outdoors.  My father in India still maintains this lifestyle. He is now 80 and is still very energetic and free of most diseases.

When I graduated school, got married and began my work in the Foreign Service, everything changed.  I lived all over the world and my work hours became extended.  There was not much time for sports and physical activity, and I got busy with my family life.  I was outdoors less and less. I also started eating more food that wasn’t traditional Indian food, more sweets.  I had more access to money so I ate what I felt like without thinking about it.  I began gaining weight.

After being stationed in the United States I was put on anxiety medications.  I was having symptoms like heart palpitations. After one year I got pneumonia. The doctor found I was diabetic. This was a shock to me as I was still so young. The doctor told me about Katherine Tallmadge’s “Diet Simple” program and said if I changed my habits and lost some weight I may be able to control my blood sugar without medications. Well, I’m happy to say I achieved even more!

“Diet Simple” helped me and my wife lose 25 pounds. On top of that, I no longer take any medications- for anxiety or for diabetes.

I read “Diet Simple,” then asked my wife to read it and follow it as well.  We both brought it into our lives and she lost weight as well.  We both chose a few of the strategies, and began cooking delicious meals. To some extent I have gone back to a more traditional Indian way of eating and living.

Now I feel good, very good, much better.  My wife is also maintaining the weight she lost.  Katherine explains things that you didn’t know before.  Like WHY you need to be physically active.  What it does for your metabolism.  These are the kinds of things we are not always aware of generally. That kind of awareness is required to lose weight and change your lifestyle.

“Diet Simple” really helped me learn about my body and how my body functions.  Now I feel that I don’t need to go to the doctor as much.  One can keep away from medicine if one controls one’s diet and exercise.”

– Narayan S., Washington, D.C.

The following are excerpts from a letter written by Narayan S’s doctor:

“I can only report a miraculous conversion from severe risk for diabetes to absolutely no evidence for diabetes at all. Your work … and your weight loss has paid off dramatically…Your current diet must be working beautifully. I recommend that you continue it.”

“Also with this diet, your cholesterol profile has improved dramatically.”

“These are such dramatic improvements that I can only say that your health must be truly excellent now. But you must maintain this, Mr. S, for the rest of your life… remain vigilant. The pre-diabetes and cholesterol is out there and it may come back. My recommendation to you is that you get your blood tests checked at least once a year for the rest of your life, and certainly if you leave the United States, I’d try to keep up that regimen as well. I think you can do it.”

“Congratulations for a truly wonderful improvement in your health.”

– K.E.T., M.D.

“I have read and value Katherine’s book Diet Simple, which is very practical and thoughtfully written.  I have also seen her do TV interviews where her impressive knowledge comes through, but in way that people can comprehend and act upon. Katherine is talented as a counselor, author, spokesperson and speaker.  I would highly recommend her, particularly for speaking engagements.”

– Lisa O., Washington, D.C.

“’Diet Simple’ is great and the program is sensible.  This is something that can change lives–exactly what Life Improvement should be about.  Katherine is encouraging and insightful.  Since we can’t all live in Washington, D.C. and learn from her there, “Diet Simple” is a great opportunity for her to share her skills and enthusiasm with others.”

– Diet Simple Fan

“After quitting smoking and struggling a bit with the joys of middle age….a bit thicker through the middle, a bit of high blood pressure, a bit of elevated cholesterol, a bit less motivation…. I was stunned. Me. I. Skinny-minny shopping for clothes I hate, but are comfortable ….  How could I? No. This is not ME! I run marathons! I am healthy! I don’t have to DIET!!!! I am active! I can do anything!!!!!! I have ALWAYS been SKINNY! What is up with this flab around my belly????? I am a size 4 (as evidenced by the clothes in my closet). Health problems? NO! I don’t have those!!! Like I said, I run MARATHONS for Christ’s sake, which means, I have to TRAIN every day! SURELY “I” don’t have to alter my eating habits. Never have! Diet is the most horrific 4-letter word, and it just doesn’t jive with my vocabulary. It’s the most awful word in the 4 languages I speak. People can NOT live and diet. One must choose to LIVE or one must choose to DIET. Well, Katherine Tallmadge had laid waste to all my fears with her book, “Diet Simple.” And I eagerly bought the new edition for the latest tips and RECIPES even I can master!

Oh yes… did I tell you that I don’t cook? That I don’t know HOW to assemble something even reasonable on a plate for a meal? That, in my life, I have had breakfast, lunch and dinner from McDonald’s … in my car? (Notice, I am not sure if breakfast, lunch and dinner should be capitalized….but I know FOR A FACT that McDonald’s is)?!!! But it never mattered. I was skinny and thought there was nothing wrong with going to Dunkin’ Donuts  for a dozen glazed and a large Diet Coke!

I was  miserable went back to the source and picked up Katherine Tallmadge’s  2011 edition of, Diet Simple. After reading the first edition of Diet Simple, I knew this was a credo by which I could live. No, “You can’t have…..” No, “points” no “Not alloweds”. Diet Simple is just a down-to-earth book that validates what medical professionals and people with a ‘lick ‘o sense’ already know.

So. Fast-forward to my appointment with my Doctor in Feb 2011. Yep. I was 20 pounds heavy. Yep, I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol and all that junk.Yes. Yes and Yes. Of course, the Dr. wanted to put me on meds for BP, cholesterol… know….those wonderful non-mind-altering drugs of middle age. Shoot. I didn’t take drugs in the ’70’s, the ’80’s or the ’90’s, so why start now? I told Dr. C, “You know? I can fix this. I already exercise, so the thing that is missing is my diet. I told Dr. C that, “I am on a diet.”. He rolled his eyes and said, “What diet?” That;s when I laid out the basic principal of “Diet Simple” and Katherine Tallmadge. Good, healthy nutrition…..activity….no, “NOs”. Common sense and GREAT recipes! Dr. C said, “I don’t know this girl, but I really like her”!

We all live on this great-big ball of dust. And, our lives are so precious. Katherine explains to us how we can live full and bountiful lives without the ‘No. You can’t….”.

Her recipes are wonderful! She has really done her research and from a non-cooker…..I have 2 of her salads in my fridge now to eat for lunch this week; a jar of the most wonderful (and healthy) dressing for our dinner salads and (hehehe….) I am going to surprise my husband with one of the pork dishes which is in the latest revision of Diet Simple!

So. Here is the last testimony. It is May 23rd as I write this.

My husband LOVES Katherine’s recipe (which I make) for oatmeal. He doesn’t start his morning well without it.

I “cook” on Sundays…..which means I make Katherine’s delicious “to keep” recipes. Only problem is that they do not last the week! Husband and family find their way to my house with ‘doggy bags’.

But, selfishly to me? I am back in single didget clothes. Not a 4, but; then……Why would I want to?

Buy this book,  and let me know how it goes!”

– Cindy M.,  Miami, Florida

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