“It was one of the most successful programs the White House Athletic Center has ever sponsored… Thank you once again for a dynamic, educational and enjoyable program! I look forward to working with you again soon!” –White House Athletic Center.

Katherine is talented as a counselor, author, spokesperson and speaker. I would highly recommend her… Her evaluations were outstanding and we received many requests to bring her back for additional seminars… It is her motivational approach and energy that makes her so impressive.” –The George Washington University Medical Center

“ This session was excellent! I learned a great deal about trying to stay fit while juggling a demanding work schedule. She was great, very knowledgeable and likeable. Very usable and memorable clips of information” —Pricewaterhouse Coopers

The group sessions featured guest speakers, ranging from chefs of locally renowned restaurants who would offer cooking demonstrations – from scientists from the USDA – to a psychologist who spoke on food and behavior. At the conclusion of the sessions, participants universally praised Ms. Tallmadge’s work. Her enthusiasm and creativity worked well … She possesses great knowledge in her field, and a winning personality…” –CNN Management

“Katherine has proved to be a consumate professional – knowledgeable, pleasant, optimistic, and unfailingly motivational! She has helped many of us achieve important results.”
— Acorn Media Group

“She’s full of energy and enthusiasm about her subject matter … She continues to amaze me with her upbeat attitude, her knowledge and her A+ work ethic. I can’t say enough terrific things about her. She rocks!!!!”
— CNN Producer

“There was considerable discussion and enthusiasm following your session and I trust this will continue for the benefit of the team.”–Washington Capitals National Hockey League Team.

“We have used Katherine as a workshop moderator and were impressed with her organization, fairness and poise… exceeded our expectations… I would not hesitate to hire her in the future.”–Public Voice for Food and Health Policy

“I have known Ms. Tallmadge in a professional capacity for more than a decade. She is a consistently reliable source of nutrition and health information.” –The Los Angeles Times


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