ABC Primetime News Special: Celebrity Weight Loss

Katherine explains on ABC’s Primetime News Special, “Celebrity Weight Loss: What Really Happens” Why… For Your 2011 New Year’s Resolution, do yourself a HUGE favor… Just Say NO…. NO MORE DIETS!

Don’t be a sucker for the endless, unrealistic promises of these SMUT purveyors! Yes, you heard the usually mild-mannered Katherine Tallmadge correctly….

I hate fanatical diet programs! They take the joy out of eating.  Heck, they take the joy out of living! And the research is pretty clear by now that too-tough diets simply don’t work for most people.  Even if you lose weight initially, you’re going to get bored or frustrated with all the restrictions and gain your weight back. Or maybe the diet is just too darn unhealthy to stay on.

So if you ever see a diet which emphasizes eating a very low carbohydrate diet or even an extremely low fat diet, or if it recommends packaged foods, liquid supplements or diet pills, I recommend you run – quickly! – in the other direction. Because it’s not something which can – or should – be maintained.

  • A good diet is one you can follow for life. One which you enjoy.  It’s a strategy which makes you feel energetic and comfortable.
  • It’s a way of living which science has shown will enhance your health, the quality of your life, and possibly even extend your life.
  • A good diet is one which works with your lifestyle, whether you’re a full-time mom, a high powered professional – or a combination thereof!
  • Studies verify weight loss maintainers follow diets with flexibility and choice, ones which can fit into their lives.

I’m passionate about helping people solve their weight problems which saps them of health, energy and happiness.  Let alone all of the horrible and preventable life-threatening and chronic diseases which inevitably occur, like heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes.

Though the problem of overweight and obesity is a large one and seems to be growing (two thirds of all adults and one out of three children), it’s a manageable and solvable problem.  One of the reasons people struggle so much with their weight is they make the mistake of believing they need to do something radical to lose weight – like restricting your eating to cabbage soup for every meal, fasting, cutting out all carbohydrates, cutting out all fats, constantly figuring out percentages of this or that nutrient, going on a liquid diet, or taking unsafe diet pills and supplements.

The studies which analyze successful weight loss maintainers versus weight relapsers confirm the radical diets actually backfire. So don’t get seduced by their empty promises. Stop being a sucker! If the diet is too strict, punishing or depriving, it can’t last, and the weight is gained back.  If those diets produce anything, it’s eating disorders, feelings of deprivation and depression, and demoralizing yo-yo’ing weight.

Instead, make your 2011 Resolution to start…

  • A way of eating you’ll love, and will always satisfy your hunger and cravings,
  • A joyful lifestyle you’ll want to keep forever.

Look for a way of eating and living which will give you…

  • A greater sense of well-being, less anxiety and depression,
  • Increased metabolism, so your body burns fat more quickly and efficiently,
  • A heart working more efficiently, decreasing your risk of a heart attack,
  • Lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, lower blood glucose levels,
  • A boosted immune system that cuts your risk of cancer, colds, flu and disease, Stronger bones and stronger muscles,
  • Improved techniques for coping with daily stresses and strains of your busy life.

As a weight loss counselor, one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned is that weight loss doesn’t have to be – and can’t be – a depressing, depriving, angst-ridden chore.  I’ve witnessed the joy, surprise and relief of clients as they learned that losing weight the “Diet Simple” way is an easy and positive experience.

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