Successful Weight Loss Depends on Frequency of Interaction with a Dietitian

Physicians frequently prescribe medications to help individual’s lose weight.  More often than not, few other lifestyle modification changes are recommended, or resources provided.  Researchers sought to compare methods of delivering lifestyle modification programs to patients receiving sibutramine, a prescribed weight loss medication.

This study once again shows that the more frequently a person interacts with a dietitian to help in their weight loss endeavors, the greater the weight loss – even if weight loss medication is involved.  The HF-TEL contact with a dietitian was similar to HF-F2F in promoting weight loss.  Even the email counseling resulted in a weight loss that, sustained over time can have a considerable impact on a person’s risk of developing disease.  In real-world situations, it may be difficult to conduct face-to-face sessions with a provider over the long haul, but when other methods are used together, they can work synergistically to help a person achieve their desired weight loss.

Resource: Digenio AG, Mancuso JP, et al.  Comparison of methods for delivering a lifestyle modification program for obese patients: a randomized trial.Ann Intern Med. 2009;150(4):255-62

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