For Successful Weight Loss, It’s the Little Things That Count

New Book Shows How Small Changes Add Up to Big Weight Loss over Time

Did you know that if you add salad to your lunch and dinner you could lose 36 pounds a year? Or that eating four frozen dinners a week could result in an 18-pound loss?

When it comes to dieting, time is on your side. Make one or two minor changes in your eating or activity habits, and over the course of three months, you will begin to see significant weight drop. But you won’t feel as if you are dieting-and that’s the whole point.

KATHERINE TALLMADGE, RD, author of Diet Simple (LifeLine Press, January 2004), has compiled 154 easy tips, substitutions, mental tricks, and inspirations that have helped her clients shed from 10 to 50 pounds a year-effortlessly and without feeling deprived.

During her twenty years as a weight-loss and nutrition counselor in Washington, D.C., Tallmadge has discovered that modifying small habits is easy. Over time, the extra calories saved or burned add up to staggering weight loss. This is the Diet Simple approach.

With Diet Simple, every individual can customize a plan that best fits his or her eating, exercise, and work habits. Readers will find:

  • 192 proven weight-loss strategies to match any appetite or lifestyle
  • 55 Recipes from world-famous chefs for preparing low-cal, gourmet convenience meals ahead of time
  • Delicious Diet Simple Meal Plans in which the calories and nutritional balance have already been worked out
  • Dozens of expert tips to control emotional eating, reduce stress, and stay motivated for permanent weight loss
  • Tried-and-true strategies for bar-hoppers, frequent travelers, non-cooks, midlife women, workaholics, and disorganized eaters
  • The “Metabolism Toolbox”-a scientific formula for calculating your own body’s calorie-burning capabilities

Based on solid science and years of proven success, Diet Simple offers the easiest, most painless way for anyone to lose weight the healthy way.

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