Are You A Disorganized Eater?

by Katherine Tallmadge, M.A., R.D.

If you have time for everything but regular meals, it’s time to establish some new habits.

Do you:

  • feel as if you need a wife, mother, or maid to take care of you?
  • get so busy that you forget to eat?
  • wait until your refrigerator is barren to grocery shop?
  • let yourself get ravenous, and then grab any food you can find?
  • graze through the day but never sit down for a real meal?

If this describes you, you are a disorganized eater. Disorganized eaters often gain unwanted pounds, have a hard time losing weight, and are in need of better nutrition.

Weight-loss and nutrition consultant Katherine Tallmadge, author of Diet Simple (LifeLine Press, Jan. 2004), says that the major reason for weight problems is simply a lack of planning. In her new book, she serves up dozens of tips specifically geared for people whose eating, shopping, cooking, and exercise habits stand between them and their weight goals.

Many people are under the mistaken impression that they don’t have time to shop and cook in a way that diet programs require. To the contrary, says Tallmadge. Changing some of the key behaviors behind disorganized eating will save you time, money, and psychological stress.

Best of all, you will drop pounds, have more energy, and be healthier.

Tallmadge’s Diet Simple Plan has helped hundreds of disorganized eaters lose weight and keep it off by modifying a few behavior patterns that lie at the heart of their weight problem. Adopt one or two of the strategies below and you will lose weight.

  • Stock your office with quick and healthful foods-especially breakfast stashes and afternoon snacks.
  • Get in the habit of “batch cooking”-cooking large amounts of soups, stews, and main-course salads to eat throughout the week.
  • Always shop with a grocery list, and shop at regular intervals.
  • Stash frozen dinners at work for nights when you work late.
  • Eat out just once a week-at a really good restaurant.
  • Incorporate more physical activity into your routine-e.g., park farther away; use stairs; take a five-minute walk once an hour.
  • Keep a supply of frozen vegetables at home.

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